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Our industry partners’ success story can be yours, too.

ACCUMED has served as a one-stop shop for healthcare providers across the UAE looking to optimize their revenue cycle management process and performance. Our business intelligence and specialized services in healthcare revenue collection and medical coding has enabled us to record a claims rejection rate of only 7.6% from first submission, as well as an impressive final rejection rate of just 2.54%, which is significantly lower than the market average of 9.52%, giving our partners additional income to invest in sustainable developments for their growing business.

We have also managed to collect as much as 80% of our clients’ revenues within 45 days, outperforming the industry average of 90 days.

First Submission Rejection Rates of 7.6% vs Market Average of 15.56%
Final Rejection Rates of 2.54% vs Market Average of 9.52%
Fast Revenue Collections
4.1 Billion AED

Value of claims processed to date

9.2 Million

Calims processed to date

120 Thousand

Number of monthly billed claims

2.54 Percent

Final rejection rate

60 Clients

Served across the GCC

1300 Contracts

Managed for providers

How everything started
Since launching in 2009, we have processed over 9 million claims worth over AED4 billion ( billion), and currently handling 120,000 claims per month. By 2020, we aim to have the capacity to process over one million claims per month, aggressively positioning ourselves as an industry leader in the Middle East revenue cycle management space. As a regional pioneer in our field, our growth has been sure and steady.
The Story of RCM Revenue Cycle Management

ACCUMED launches as the first company to provide revenue cycle management solutions to the Middle East healthcare sector, effectively establishing the medical billing industry in the region.

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Abu Dhabi’s largest private healthcare group awards ACCUMED a consultancy and claims resubmission processing contract. The deal has helped the healthcare group achieve impressive recovery rates and process 745,000 resubmission claims within nine months.

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For the first time in the Middle East, a localised Rules Engine Platform launched to support billing operations with medical and business rules sets, enforcing billing compliance across UAE based payers and supporting lower rejection rates and claim processing efficiency through automation.

ACCUMED also launches a direct billing cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) system, the first of its kind to cater to the Middle East market.

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ACCUMED wins a contract with a major healthcare group launching a flagship hospital in Dubai, supporting the facility’s paperless medical records, as well as electronic direct billing and collections programme.

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ACCUMED wins a tender with the Government of Abu Dhabi to oversee and manage the complete billing cycle of the UAE capital’s emergency medical services.

ACCUMED also starts working with payers, including AXA Gulf, on GCC-wide projects for coding and mapping of provider price lists.

By the end of the year, ACCUMED has a database of over 2.7 million claims with a value more than AED1.5 billion.

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ACCUMED signs a deal with a pioneering healthcare group, which has the largest number of claims in the UAE. By the third quarter, ACCUMED is managing over 100,000 claims per month, as we expands into the Dubai market.

ACCUMED wins a tender with Abu Dhabi Police GHQ to manage the complete billing cycle of the Medical Service Administration for AUH Police Clinics.

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ACCUMED delivers on mapping of 600K tariff list items for network providers across the GCC for a major GCC Health Insurance company.

RCM monthly billing volumes reach AED 48 Million.

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ACCUMED wins a public tender to enroll for Dubai Ambulance Services under insurance direct billing and manage full RCM operations.

Won a contract with Iranian Red Crescent to manage onsite patient registration and pre-approval services as well as full RCM operations for their Dubai Hospital.

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2017 and beyond

Building on its success in the UAE, ACCUMED is looking into further widening its footprint in the GCC healthcare sector with projects lined up in KSA, Qatar and Kuwait.



Our vision is to be renowned and respected as the region’s reference point in revenue cycle management for the healthcare sector.


We are committed to reaching our goal of processing one million claims per month by 2020.


We are focused on value creation and bottom-line performance.

Core Values




Our mission is to provide healthcare revenue cycle management to committed health care organisations with a more progressive outlook by establishing outsourced billing services as the solution of choice, working hand‐in‐hand with public and private sectors, encouraging and embracing creative technologies and innovation, attracting and retaining the best talents and enabling our clients to improve the quality of information, streamline denial management, and automate processes.

Action Plan

We are dedicated to providing long-term Revenue Cycle Management solutions that enable our clients to improve the quality of information, streamline denial management, and automated processes by bringing together top professionals, state-of-the-art systems and best practices, while maintaining a drive towards innovation.