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Why partner with ACCUMED?

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ACCUMED implements a stringent
“No Abuse, No Fraud” policy.
Our principle of zero tolerance
against false and excessive
insurance claims means that your
practice can mitigate risks
and promote a strong system of
internal control.


We are experts in navigating the revenue cycle management process from patients to payers. Since launching our service in the GCC region, we have reinvented the way providers deal with billing and claims processes, positively affecting their bottom line.

Demand for quality healthcare services in the GCC region is growing and in order for providers to capitalise on this trend, effective business processes and a team of qualified professionals must be in place.

Our value proposition promotes an extremely cost-effective, time-efficient, accurate and transparent approach to revenue cycle management. We help you realise your goal of achieving sustainable return on investment, so your practice can enjoy long-term financial health.

Outsourcing revenue cycle management functions to us allows you to focus on your core competency – healthcare delivery – and use our services to address pain points that stifle your practice’s productivity and profitability. You reduce your operating cost, while attaining operational excellence.

With our innovative RCM solutions, you can transform your practice from a performing to a winning business.