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We take a complete end-to-end approach to revenue cycle management. We enable you to accelerate cash flow and capture value through seamless workflow integration, while lowering expenses and improving patient experience.

Our consultants are experts in the fields of healthcare, health insurance, finance and information technology, who have the financial acumen and industry experience to put your practice in the fast lane. We can work with you to meet your current and future goals.

ACCUMED’s RCM Consultancy Services use our vast market experience, and massive local claims database for reporting and analytics to provide insight into how you can best optimise revenue cycle management, which would support your expansion plans and growth strategy. We can advise you on the right RCM software, as well as the appropriate contracting and pricing model for you, all while ensuring that your practice complies with regional regulations.

With us, there is a much better integration between operations and finance, a link that is often missing in in-house RCM operations.

Our customer base is an ever-expanding list.