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About Accumed

Who We Are

Based in Dubai, we are the first, as well as the largest, company in the Middle East to provide comprehensive end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions to the healthcare sector.

Offering all these value-added services under one roof makes AccuMed your single point of contact for all revenue cycle-related concerns, as we help you run an efficient business in an ever-evolving healthcare market.

Our reputation is enshrined in our ability to:

Increase patient satisfaction by streamlining the registration, insurance billing and cash clearing processes

Maximise net collectible revenue through contract analysis, correct pricing and costing methodology

Provide fast turn-around time in the submission and collection of claims

Promote transparency through a comprehensive real-time reporting system that allows providers to methodically manage their revenue cycle performance

Identify opportunities for increasing revenues and reducing costs

Conduct accurate coding so as to avoid data deficiencies that can cause claims backlogs or rejection

Adhere to strict standards of confidentiality of client records

Eliminate overutilisation of services by ensuring that claims comply with contractual terms and best standards

Actively follow up unresolved claims issues and diligently appeal denied claims

Offer a cost-effective approach to minimising the overhead expense for providers with growing business